Stadium Arcadium


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"Stadium Arcadium"



It’s finally official. According to NME,
Red Hot Chili Peppers’ 9th full-length studio album,
Stadium Arcadium,
will hit the stores on Monday, 8th May.

The album was meant to be a 38-songs trilogy,
but it will be a 24-songs double LP instead.
It will be perceded by the first single,
“Dani California”
(where "Dani" is the same character from their last debut single, 'By the Way') 
and some other tracks on it are
“Animal Bar”,
“Wet Sand”,
“Hard To Concentrate”
and one of the songs which has made its debut on the 2004 Bridgeschool Benefit,
“Desecration Smile”.

And what does Stadium Arcadium mean?

Here’s what Anthony Kiedis said to the above mentioned magazine:
Stadium Arcadium’,
in the end it has a very dreamlike feeling of we on Earth reflecting the cosmos on the heavens,
and we on Earth reflecting it because that’s where our inspiration comes from.
It’s more romance of sound or whatever retarded passions exist in your soul.
It’s kind of a romantic affair.


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