audio • visual • system

Series of experiments in systemic relationship
between sonic and visual qualities


Human percieved space and the world in combination of all our sensory inputs. Simultaneously process those input from what you see, hear, touch, taste, and smell, we make sense of the world. 

Computer, on the other hand, percieved the world as binary numbers. There are things that is 1 and there are things that is 0. As we human become to involve with computer in much stronger relationship. We try to translate our ability to sense to this binary device. By doing so we have to break it down, draw a map of how these integer and float numbers should connect to output that make us feel. 


water sequencer

water capacitive sensor / arduino / OpenFrameworks

Arduino connected touch-the-water interface connecting to simple sequencer code written in openframeworks through Firmata and ofArduino



angular modulator


Whimsical music instrument controlling the handwritten synthesizer in openframeworks

submerged white square

arduino / openframeworks

System of audio feedback loops that simulate experience of drowning. An array of white square representing frequency analysis of audio input using FFT algorithm. The LEDs are also mapped with similar mapping. This experiment later evolves into the DROWN project.



visual score interpretation

in conversation with Parinot Kunakornwong

This project is a two-way conversation piece where each artist make a graphic score and make an sonic interpretation of each other's. 



Long exposure photos of an android phone lock screen

graphic score : Reed
sonic interpretation : Parinot


Pieces of various shade of grey square paper on D12 studio floor

graphic score : Parinot
sonic interpretation : Reed

audio synthesis techniques


Low level audio generation techniques in openframeworks